Glartek 2.0

Glartek 2.0: the new approach to the connected work concept

Glartek introduces Glartek 2.0, the new all-in-one digital solution, and goes into detail on the five key areas behind this release.

Operator Round

Revolutionizing Industrial Augmented Reality with Apple Vision Pro

Step into the future of industrial productivity with Glartek’s AR solutions seamlessly integrated with Apple Vision Pro. Empower your frontline workers to interact with digital content in the physical world like never before, enhancing efficiency, safety, and training opportunities.

From paper to digital – Operator Rounds

Operational Round procedures can now be more efficient and accurate by digitalizing them with the Augmented & Connected Worker platform.


From paper to digital – HACCP

Planning, implementing, and managing HACCP procedures will be easier and more efficient by digitalizing them with the Augmented & Connected Worker.