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A multi-level solution: the Augmented & Connected Worker Platform

A multi-level solution: the Augmented & Connected Worker Platform

In the new age of Industry 4.0, businesses across the industry face an increasing number of new challenges. Rising competition and new emerging business models threaten to disrupt legacy organizations.

As a result, to get ahead and maximize the potential of their operations, many businesses have begun leveraging the power of Augmented Reality, digitized tasks, data, and visual remote assistance, among others. The Augmented & Connected Worker platform provides a multi-level solution tool that allows organizations to achieve significant improvements across all levels of their business.

“…can impact both individual tasks and strategic operations within shop floors.”

A Multi-level solution changing the Industry

One of the first aspects to consider is how comprehensive the ACW digital solution is. Unlike other solutions, the ACW platform not only targets a few select procedures or specific hierarchical levels. Instead, it focuses on providing a solution that can impact both individual tasks and strategic operations within shop floors. This is why the ACW is a multi-level solution. It covers both the organization from top to bottom and many aspects of workers’ jobs.

Increased visibility for directors

The ACW offers directors a complete overview of factories and provides them with relevant data and analytics. As a result, directors will be able to have a clear understanding of procedures and increased visibility of frontline operations.

Directors will be able to extract valuable insights from automated reports, such as the average time spent performing a changeover process. Similarly, they can learn how each minute wasted during downtimes can affect the subsequent production stages.

Consequently, directors will use reliable information to help inform their decision-making process, allocate resources, define strategic goals, and plan the implementation of new processes. Such information can also be used to prepare audits, such as the 5S Audit or the Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit.

Operational support for managers

In the context of factories, managers perform both management and strategic duties. They report to directors and manage operators working on shop floors. In this sense, digital solutions, which provide dashboards, automated reports, and real-time notifications, among others, are strategic assets for managers.

When it comes to supervising daily operations, managers can track workers as they carry out their duties and be notified if any unexpected error, issue, or security risk is flagged. They can also review particular tasks and ensure that the correct input has been registered. This is the case with preventive maintenance and breakdown notes.

Additionally, managers are also required to manage teams, train new workers, and promote the upskilling of all operators. By leveraging the ACW platform managers can examine employees’ individual needs, establish accurate KPIs, and address shortcomings.

Simultaneously, working alongside frontline workers offers managers a unique insight into the struggles of operators. This helps them continuously improve tasks and devise more efficient processes.

Multi-level solution

Augmenting operators’ skills

At the core of any digital solution targeting industrial operations are shop floor tasks. The ACW platform is no different as it combines task digitilization and augmentation to truly transform daily tasks.

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As a result, operators can access augmented and digital checklists, instructions, guidance, and remote visual support. In practical terms, this means that frontline workers will access contextualized information to help them complete their tasks. By using mobile devices or AR headsets, workers can see AR markers, which indicate exactly which actions to perform, mapped according to each location. Such functionality is particularly relevant for procedural adherence or process checklists.

Overall, operators can perform more tasks but also increase their autonomy in the workplace. Ultimately, by enhancing workers’ tasks it is possible to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Multi-level solution

The key to unlocking operational efficiency

In the current industrial scenario, in which high demand and competition increase pressure on workers, companies must have strategies in place to deliver continuous improvement to their operations. In order to attain a non-stop optimization of operations, companies are expected to implement methodologies that can promote a culture of excellence within an organization.

Glartek’s multi-level solution helps implement a continuous improvement mindset by establishing new procedures at different levels within companies. The digitization of tasks, along with an Augmented & Connected execution, supported by remote visual assistance, contributes to the creation of new procedures based on data and insights that promote efficiency, safety, autonomous work, workers’ upskilling, and cost reduction.

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