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Discover the new features elevating the Augmented & Connected Worker Solution to new heights

Discover the new features elevating the Augmented & Connected Worker Solution to new heights

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The Augmented & Connected Worker platform is a unique solution designed to streamline industrial operations and transform the tasks of frontline workers. This digital solution connects teams, augments workers’ skills, and improves safety, efficiency, and productivity. To ensure companies can always be competitive, we are continuously improving our solutions to meet the daily challenges of frontline workers. Below you can read some of our most recent major updates.

The Augmented & Connected Worker Solution

1. A New Scoring System to Better Reflect Inputs

Multiple and selection inputs are crucial types of answers to completing tasks. However, such inputs hold more information than they might seem at first glance.

To fully optimize these answers there is now an option to attribute a scoring system to each response. By doing this managers can set maximum scores to efficiently obtain more information about completed tasks and better evaluate individual task execution. This is particularly useful for audits (e.g., 5S) and maintenance procedures, as scores can better illustrate the frontline worker’s inputs.

2. More Options to Manage Issues

Have you ever opened an issue but wanted to schedule it for a later date but couldn’t? Well, that is no longer an issue, as users can now easily convert issues from open to scheduled.

As a result, users are no longer required to create new tasks so they can schedule them or are forced to complete their open issues because they can’t end them later (even if that would benefit them). More flexibility for operators working in fast-paced environments who need to be able to answer unexpected needs and demands.

3. Expanding the Possibilities of Different Inputs

Users already had access to conditional answers, however, there was no option to end issues according to specific answers. To allow certain answers to result in tasks ending, conditional questions have been updated.

As a result, specific answers can lead tasks to end immediately. This new feature allows managers to efficiently anticipate all sorts of answers and gives them the power to choose the impact that each answer can have on specific tasks and executions.

Visual Remote Assistance Add-On

1. Increased Flexibility to Customize Sessions

Sessions created to contact remote experts are by default temporary (1-year duration with non-recurrent meets). This means that sessions have an expiration date. A new feature allows users to choose if sessions are temporary or permanent.

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This gives users the leverage to manage their sessions and adjust their durability according to their needs. They can change the default duration to permanent, but also adjust the permanent session back to temporary if needed.

2. Improving Hands-Free Sessions on HoloLens II

Previously users could initiate and receive calls using smartphones and tablets. However, a new feature allows frontline operators to efficiently use their HoloLens II headsets to begin calls.

Users are no longer required to change to a different device to start calls. As a result, they can have the assurance their experience will be standardized regardless of the device they’re using.

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