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Glartek 2023 Wrap-Up: Another Year in the Industry

Glartek 2023 Wrap-Up: Another Year in the Industry

2023 wrap-up

As the year comes to an end, it is time for our 2023 wrap-up. We will look back at some of the main achievements, changes, and highlights of the year. At Glartek we are all about innovation, cooperation, and transformation. Every year we put these terms into practice and challenge ourselves to improve our solution, further cooperate with clients and partners, and keep transforming frontline and field activities.

1 | Glartek without Borders

In 2022 Glartek introduced its plan to expand internationally and venture into new markets. In 2023 we blasted down the doors to the European industrial market. With a particular focus on the Spanish and French markets, we secured relevant deals and partnerships with top players in the industry, including Plastic Energy, APAVE, VEOLIA, Brisa, and Eviden.

2 | Partnering with Worldwide Leaders

Back in Portugal, we continued to amass new clients and new exciting partnerships. We were excited to become an official Microsoft Partner and integrate our digital solution with Microsoft’s Azure Enterprise grade 5G MEC environment. The combination of both technologies enables customers to access Glartek’s products using a secure and high-performance network with low-latency connectivity. Utiliemtly, this allows businesses to access real-time IoT data and establish uninterrupted live cooperation.

At the same time, we partnered with DTTL to implement an innovative project at Empresa Electricidade da Madeira to digitize inspections and enhance field mobility. Similarly, we worked with Fraunhofer Portugal to implement a leading project combining augmented reality and machine learning to help frontline workers make manometer readings at Aguas do Porto. 

Additionally, we integrated the list of Vuzix Corporation’s hands-free solutions and joined the EASA Community.

3 | Hitting the Stages and Creating Buzz

2023 was also the year to continue showcasing our technology in some of the biggest stages and trade shows in Europe. We got join MWC Barcelona, Hannover Messe, XRIOS, FEINDEF (Feria Internacional de Defensa y Seguridad de España), and Missão Web Summit Lisboa.

We also got to host our first-ever live event, the Connected Worker Innovation Forum which gathered more than 70 guests and representatives of different national and international organizations, including attendees from Spain, France, Italy, and the US. The forum featured more than 15 speakers, including Valorsul, Daimler, REN, and Brisa, among others.

Our partners shared their precious insights and experience in implementing our technology and we showcased some of our projects, including digital scanning of manometers and digital instructions based on Augmented Reality.

Overall, the event was a resounding success and we couldn’t be prouder. The only question left to ask is: should we meet again in 2024?

As our technology has become recognized by more clients and partners, we have created quite some buzz. As a result, we were named one of the best AR Connected Worker Platforms for 2023 in PAC’s Innovation RADAR report.

4 | Dreaming Bigger and Better

With a more demanding market and an increasing number of clients, we felt the need to expand our team. We are finishing off 2023 with over 30 employees and prospects to continue growing.

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This has enabled us to improve our solution even further by introducing countless new releases. In this piece, we are highlighting three of the main additions:

Inventory Management

Glartek’s inventory feature tackles issues related to inventory tracking, management orders, part-picking, transfer management, reporting and analytics, and purchasing needs. This new feature allows organizations to add storage, materials, tools, and items.



The timesheet feature provides managers and coordinators with all information related to the time spent on each process, by each frontline worker, and more. This feature helps organizations track total working hours, active time, and extra time of teams and individual workers.

Multilingual Function

Glartek established new partnerships and welcomed new clients entirely based abroad. As a result, the platform now supports Spanish and French. These changes are part of Glartek’s international expansion plan, outlined in 2022, which included venturing into the Spanish and French markets.

READY FOR 2024?🚀

In 2024 we are doubling down and aiming higher than ever: we are preparing some major changes and a big surprise that will help us take a major step forward. Keep an eye out and be part of this new reality…