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Announcing new Augmented & Connected features to meet the needs of frontline workers

Announcing new Augmented & Connected features to meet the needs of frontline workers

During the past decade, the daily operations of businesses working in the industrial sector have been steadily changing. Emerging technologies and global trends have placed an increasing emphasis on digital transformation and augmented & connected features and solutions. It is crucial to leverage emerging technologies to empower workforces and maintain high levels of productivity.

That is why Glartek is focused on delivering a comprehensive digital solution based on Augmented Reality. By connecting and augmenting the workplace, workers can make better decisions, ensure they perform tasks correctly, and learn at a faster pace. In case any unexpected issues arise, workers can also rely on visual remote assistance available to them in real time. 

But that’s not all, Glartek’s also committed to improving its solutions to suit clients’ needs. As a result, there has been a continuous effort to enhance the Augmented and Connected Worker platform to address the challenges of manufacturing and asset-intensive industries.

Improving tasks and performance on shop floors

A new way to initiate tasks in the right place at the right time

Augmented Connected Features: Scan QR codes to filter labels

The new task-related features are designed to give workers more control over their actions and input. It is now easier for frontline personnel to initiate tasks. Nowadays, most processes in manufacturing sites already use QR codes to indicate the type of product being produced. However, Glartek has taken this further by allowing users to scan QR codes to filter labels. This way workers will automatically have access to the correct tasks in the issue and avoid human error.

Compliance and Safety: must-haves in the industry

Moreover, workers are often expected to not only complete tasks but report on compliance and safety-related issues. As a result, it is now possible to insert comments or pictures to all inputs while executing a task. This provides a valuable contribution as teams can track the condition of machinery and flag potential issues. In addition, this functionality will make it easier to conduct processes aimed at preventing and solving issues, such as the Poka-Yoke Process, and reduce the need for future inspections.

In case there is an immediate need to take action, there is a new option to create an alert. This feature is particularly relevant for processes such as Operator Rounds and Risk Assessment, as it will let other workers be notified of any issue in real time. 

Keeping track of material

On the other hand, managing stock, checking the availability of materials, and identifying which tasks require specific tools can be a complex and time-consuming process. To solve this, there is a new inventory management feature. Users can add materials to the system and provide their respective details. Clients can use this functionality to help support their breakdown notes and Procedural Adherence process. In addition, such materials can then be included in task descriptions so that workers know exactly what they need to perform a specific task.

Customizing the Augmented & Connected Worker solution to suit your needs

Glartek’s ACW platform features a broad range of digital solutions to help workers complete their tasks effectively and safely. However, Glartek understands that each enterprise faces specific challenges and needs. For this reason, users can now access new augmented and connected features that adapt the ACW solution to the reality of their companies.

More options to complete tasks

First off, the ACW platform tackled tasks. For instance, sometimes workers have to perform the same task at different sites. To ensure they can execute a task as many times as they want, while performing, for example, inspection and quality control processes, a new feature has been introduced allowing workers to create new tasks during the execution. Similarly, users can create variations of the same task containing new inputs, labels, and estimated time.

Create tailored AR procedures

Glartek has also made it possible to customize AR markers, which can now display different colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows businesses to create tailored layouts according to different use cases. For instance, workers can program markers to feature a specific reaction when completing a step while conducting a Changeover process, following a commissioning or Permit-to-work process, or starting a Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedure.

Providing clients with useful data on their procedures

The recent shift towards data-driven operations is crucial for the way Glartek designs its solutions. By proving workers and managers with more data they can improve their decisions and planning. 

Extra data to optimize daily procedures

Augmented Connected Features: download issue reports

Consequently, the latest augmented and connected features focus on providing clients with information about their operations. Firstly, clients can now download issue reports as an excel or pdf file. This helps clients confirm dates, check who executed the task, and its respective answers. Such data is crucial to supporting Route Cause Analysis processes, among others, but also contributes to task duration logs, which seek to better understand the timeframes of each task. Additionally, reports will help identify common errors and issues, and optimize tasks.

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All video sessions’ info in one place

With the importance of data in mind, users can also download video session reports. By accessing the back office, it is possible to obtain a full PDF chat report (which includes all messages, pictures, recordings, and documents exchanged during the video session). This information is extremely valuable and clients can store it as a reference to prevent and resolve future issues. Simultaneously, reports contribute to the Logbook process and provide additional material for training.

Augmenting your Visual Remote Assistance

Glartek’s Augmented Reality-based solution already provides workers with visual remote assistance in the most convenient and effective way. In turn, this helps cut travel costs and reduces downtime. Simultaneously, companies can keep a knowledge base to prevent future issues. Visual Remote Assitance is especially relevant when it comes to safety-relate procedures, such as breakdown notes, preventive maintenance, or audit processes, such as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point audit.

Making visual remote assistance easier

Create sessions using smartglasses

Using the latest augmented and connected features, clients can access their contact list and call contacts directly. As a result, instead of sending guest links, workers can save time and promptly contact experts. To improve the organization of contact lists, it is also possible to add labels to different contacts so that workers can easily reach out to specific individuals.

Another key step was to make remote assistance easy on smartglasses. The ACW platform is supported across a broad range of mobile devices, from mobiles to tablets and wearables, however, it isn’t always easy to offer users a standardized user journey across different platforms. To solve this issue, it is now possible to create sessions using smartglasses, much like other devices, and share the session ID to start a session.

Lastly, because workers deserve the most complete remote assistance experience possible, there is a new zoom option for calls. Previously, users could already make annotations and add markers, but they can now choose which elements they want to see up close.

Putting efficiency, productivity, and safety first

Glartek is keen on offering clients the right solutions to overcome the challenges of modern industries. Through the incorporation of 2D & AR mobility, customizable workflows, checklists, and digitized tasks we want to empower companies and workers to reach their full potential.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the Augmented and Connected features, you can book a free demonstration with our team or explore our blog.